Wood Fence Des Moines

Getting a wood fence in Des Moines shouldn’t be difficult. We are the best fence contractors in the area for building wood fences.

Our fencing contractors are professional and care about their work and our customers. It’s not wonder 9 out of 10 people choose us to install their wood fence.

In Des Moines, IA, wood fences are very common. Chain link fences may be the most popular, but for those who want more privacy and that warm wood look to beautify their property, installing a wood fence is the way to go. 

Our fence repair services are also the best Des Moines. Contact us if you are in need of any fence repair for your wood fence.

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Des Moines Wooden Fence Options

There are many many wood fence styles to choose from. We can also custom design a fence as needed to match your taste and property. 

There are also options to paint a fence any color desired or a variety of stains to choose from for just the look you desire.


Advantages of Wood

  • Many styles and customization
  • Adds property value
  • Custom cut posts
  • Can paint or stain
  • Custom fence options
  • Affordable
  • And more!


Wood Fence Maintenance

Wood fencing takes more effort to maintain, but there are ways to make that maintenance minimal. 

Using the right type of wood is very important. We use cedar or pressure treated to pine when installing wood fences due to their durability. 

You will also need to paint or stain a wood fence to further protect the wood from rotting or getting infested with bugs.

Wood Fence Installation Cost

The cost of installing a wood fence is determined by the following factors:

  • Height
  • Linear Feet
  • Type of wood
  • Style
  • Location
  • Paint or stain used
  • And more . . .

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